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Maritime Security Identification Cards (MSIC)

In May 2005, the Australian Government introduced amendments to the Maritime Transport Security Act 2003 in Federal Parliament in an effort to further secure the nation's maritime and offshore industries. These amendments have led to the introduction of Maritime Security Identification Cards (MSIC) which will ensure that those working in these critical industries are subject to appropriate background checking as now occurs in the aviation industry.

As a nationally recognised form of maritime and offshore industry identification, the MSIC will distinguish the holder as having met the minimum background checking requirements. It is essential for all maritime industry workers and contractors who operate within maritime security zones at ports, ships and oil and gas facilities.

From 1 January 2007, all personnel requiring unmonitored access to a maritime or offshore security zone will are required to display an MSIC.

In January 2006, Veritas Engineering gained Commonwealth approval to become an MSIC Issuing Body. Veritas Engineering understands the implications of the new legislation and the extent to which it impacts on maritime and offshore industry operations. Veritas Engineering can provide its clients with a complete MSIC issuing body service.

Whilst the company cannot guarantee approval times due to the variability of Commonwealth background checks, the company strives for a 1-2 week turnaround from lodgement to issuing. It is through the company's award winning technology and innovation that it is able to optimise its processing. The following is a breakdown of our MSIC service offerings:

MSIC Application Lodgement

  • 24/7 secure online application through our dedicated website
  • Lodgement of applications nationwide through any Australia Post retail outlet or via our Perth CBD office
  • Dedicated staff to support lodgement of multiple applications from companies
  • Specialist support for lodgement of international applications

MSIC Card Management Services

  • Dedicated staff to support company or applicant queries direct
  • Maintenance of a secure MSIC register, which interfaces electronically with the appropriate Commonwealth agencies. This register minimises data handling issues and facilitates rapid processing of applications
  • Logging of MSIC register transaction history for audit purposes
  • Ability to provide reports in any format (e.g. PDF, Excel, XML, CSV) to meet client specifications

MSIC Card Production

  • Onsite production of MSIC for approved applicants. Options available include creating stand-alone MSIC cards or integrating MSICs with the clients. current identity/access cards.
  • In house ability to support rapid replacement and renewals for lost, damaged, stolen cards or those requiring visa renewal
  • Issuance of cards can be either in person through an approved agent or by registered post.

Establish a Corporate Account for MSICs

Companies may be eligible to establish a Corporate Account for MSICs. Setting up an MSIC account with Veritas Engineering reduces the administration overhead associated with payments, streamlines the application process, and provides approved organisations with a dedicated level of support for the management of MSICs in accordance with the Regulations.

For more information on setting up an account for MSICs with Veritas Engineering, please contact us by phone or send us an email requesting more information and we'll contact you shortly.

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